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Childhood Trauma: When will it end?

Childhood maltreatment is used to describe child abuse and neglect. It is a social issue that can not be ignored any longer. The effects are able to change a person and they can last a long time. But will it change the quality of one’s life?

In the research from the University of Wyoming were 400 participants observed of which 200 participants had experienced childhood trauma. Those 200 had a lower mental health, but also physical health. This could be short-term (unseen fractures, organ damage, …), but also long-term (liver disease, obesity, autoimmune diseases, …). Their mental state is at risk. They often suffer from depression, low self-esteem and anxiety.

There exists a correlation between adults that had a traumatic youth and were aggressive and commited  crime and violence. The adult that had suffered from a childhood trauma, had a higher chance to be involved in an abusive relationship or to come in contact with violence. On the other hand, some traumatized children actually were the perpetrator at a later stage of their life. Both suggest a decreased quality of life.

Interesting is the fact that sexual child abuse, emotional neglect and physical & emotional child abuse can lead to a higher suicide risk. But this isn’t the case for physical neglect. The findings of Hansen, K.A. (2017) describe that most of the time those children still have their emotional needs filled with love end emotional support.

The research conducted by Hansen, K.A. in 2017 also concludes that there is a need to give childhood mistreated children the chances they deserve, but that they often don’t get. It is necessary for them to be able to grow, to thrive and to learn to use their abilities.

The article describes in a clear way the negative effects of childhood trauma and how to deal with the consequences. But the focus on post traumatic growth isn’t described. It would be a interesting additional view on the problem.



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