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Conceptbeschrijving: Post Traumatische Groei

Vaak worden de begrippen veerkracht, welbevinden en posttraumatische groei als synoniemen gebruikt, waar dit echter niet het geval is. Deze drie verhouden zich tot elkaar, omdat ze alle drie voortkomen vanuit de traumatische ervaring. Veerkracht wordt vaak beschreven in de literatuur als men spreekt over positieve psychologie, waarbij de focus ligt op het positieve dan op de negatieve kanten van traumaverwerking (Tedeschi & Calhoun 2004). Posttraumatische groei daarentegen is in… Read More »Conceptbeschrijving: Post Traumatische Groei

What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger

In the United States every 10 seconds a child is abused or raped and for every case reported, there are two more unreported. Also here in Belgium child abuse exists and one out of ten children is a victim of child abuse. This means that there are 20 reports of child abuse every day (Stuk Online, 2017). But can child abuse positively affect those children as adults? We all know… Read More »What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger

Childhood Trauma: When will it end?

Childhood maltreatment is used to describe child abuse and neglect. It is a social issue that can not be ignored any longer. The effects are able to change a person and they can last a long time. But will it change the quality of one’s life? In the research from the University of Wyoming were 400 participants observed of which 200 participants had experienced childhood trauma. Those 200 had a… Read More »Childhood Trauma: When will it end?